Bookings And Fees

Free 15 min phone chat to find out more about if The Newfield Nest is the right place for you.

Where do sessions take place? And what is the cost?  Sessions take place at my dedicated tantra temple space in Manchester by appointment only.  Sometimes I offer sessions in alternative venues. For those living further afield sessions are available by phone or Skype.  The cost depends on the type, length, and location of sessions.  I explain my fee structure and at the time of booking.

How long are the sessions and how frequent between each session? – The minimum length for skype/phone sessions is one hour, and for face-to-face sessions two hours, though many clients opt for 3 -4 hours.  The optimum length and frequency of sessions depends on your circumstances and your goals.  This will be discussed and agreed, initially over the phone when you make your booking, and in greater detail during your first session.

Session availability – weekdays between 9.30am and 3pm Tuesday to Friday.  Occasional evenings available too.

Payment – Once your session is arranged a deposit is needed to fully confirm it.  That can be either paid by Paypal (Paypal payments include their additional 5% surcharge), bank transfer or bank cash deposit.  The balance of fees for each session must either be paid fully in advance by bank transfer or by cash at the start of your session.





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